God Draws Near…

Wrote this a few weeks ago, but I needed to be reminded of it today…

Tonight I sit in thankfulness.  It draws me in and pulls me near.  The remnants of the spring day’s warmth lingers in my home.  So subtle.  So good.  Bodies that not too long ago moved with the expressive rhythm of the daylight are now put on pause as moonlight has tenderly closed weary eyes and silenced busy mouths. Little souls dance with dreams and embrace the mystery that is rest.  Bodies rest.  Hearts and minds rest.

In this thankfulness– this blanket of lingering warmth– I am reminded of what a good God he is.  And even though fingers turn switches downward as we resolve to let go of yet another day, my heart is so alive and illuminated with the reminder of my God who awakens me with his satisfying presence…

Dear friends saw their daughter’s face for the first time today.  Their eyes had ached and waited so long for her.  Years and months of preparing, planning, praying, paying… But today, payoff.  Her face was in full focus.  Touchable hair.  Smellable skin.  Oh, the satisfaction of the deepest breath after years of holding it in… I get it.  I’ve breathed that breath.  I am thankful for faces of daughters that have been longed for.

God draws near.

I hugged and held someone I have missed today.  Cancer has kept her home, kept her back, kept her bound for the past several weeks now.  But, today, release!  She was radiant.   I heard her praise and thank and rejoice… Yes, in the midst of suffering… worship.  I held her arms, hands clutching forearms.  I held her up.  And as I held, she held me back.  Together we stood and our hearts had a conversation.  Her praise became my prayers.  I am thankful for friends to hold that have been so missed.

God draws even nearer.

He is so close.  In fresh faces and forearms, he looks at me and he holds me up.  He reminds me to take that breath that I’ve been keeping in.  He reminds me to hold on.  

Because, there will come a time to wait and long again.  But,  “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” Ps. 27:13-14.  He is good and he is near.


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