A minute

I need a minute.  Just a minute.  To sit in that deeper place.  To welcome mystery and silence.  To be empty within a life so full.

A place where the endless ocean crashes its mighty wave upon the shore — Reaching out its soaking fingers upon the sand as far as they can stretch.  Grabbing.  Pulling.  Taking all that belongs to it back into its depths. Take me to that place, oh Lord, where the sounds of life are muffled by the abyss of your pleasure and your patience… Moving and bending with the current of your heart’s beat.  Where the water of your cleansing flood is what I breathe. In and out.

A minute.  Just a minute.  To hide away with you.  To be hidden by you.  The questions, the longings, the heart’s hopings and the crossed fingers… Hiding.  In that shaded, hollow cleft.  Where the stone beneath is cool on warm flesh.  The sweat from my brow is captured by the gentle breeze. The smell of clean, fresh earth welcomes me in.  The predator circles above.  It seeks to overcome and consume what does not belong to it.  But, there I rest in the place where I am owned.  I press my cheek firm into that rock and that earth and it absorbs me.  Hidden.

Yes, that place, oh God.  Where you turn my minutes into my lifetime and the soaking and the hiding define me.  Where all is immersed.  Deep.  Where all is covered. Safe.  And the one foot I place after the next strides steadily within this grace.

Take me there.

This is where I want to be.

One thought on “A minute

  1. For all who have that certain time, that place, that spot where you meet with Jesus you know what this is all about. And you know about the predator that always seems to be there, hovering. For me that place is at my desk, very early but that’s for everyday. There are two special places I don’t get to very often; at least not often enough. Lake Tahoe, on a beach by the edge of the water and on a special rock, high on a mountain ridge. It’s on this rock I think most about my Dad and what a special man he was and that always takes my spirit to my Heavenly Father to whom non can compare.

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