underneath EVERY thing

Underneath it all.

All of what?

Of what?

Of this.



33 years.  Almost 34.  Almost 34 years laced with every story of every kind.  Every heartache of every kind.  Every wonder of every kind.  Love with loss.  Fear with triumph. Rejection with redemption.  Passion with pain.   Empty with joy.  LIFE then DEATH.  DEATH then LIFE…  Every layered upon Every layered upon Every layered upon Every.

But, underneath…

Oh, underneath…

Underneath of it All.  Yes, underneath EVERY thing…


In the madness.


In the tears.


In the waiting.


In the victory.


Deeper Still?

Yes, Deeper Still.


With colors and words and breath I paint this grace.  Oranges and pinks and yellows cascading against the empty sky.  Colors blending and blinding and weaving together.  Not knowing where one ends and one begins.  Their performance is overcoming.  Their display overwhelming.  And then, they set together.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Underneath it all.

One thought on “underneath EVERY thing

  1. Wow your writing is so beautiful….you never cease to amaze me with you love and tender heart,I didn’t realize that you were what seems to be a very passionate and seasoned writer,what a beautiful gift and yes we all have a story and how awsome is our God to intertwine our lives together like a beautiful quilt each patch different in our own way yet seem to fit together by a common thread named Jesus! How great is our master maker.thanks for sharing theses ores of light!

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