Creating a Welcoming Seat for Her at the Table: 3 Principles for Empowering Women to Lead

Having been in upper management leadership positions for nearly 20 years, over half of which have been as a lead pastor, it’s not uncommon for male leaders and pastors to ask me what they can do to better empower women to serve in leadership roles. I love getting this question because it shows the progress [...]

Birthing Hope

If You had asked me for my opinion beforehand...   I would have reminded You that it wasn't part of the plan. That at 40 years of living, I wasn't as strong as I used to be. That at 20 years of loving and growing, me and him had covered that ground.   I would have reminded [...]

The one word every child needs to hear and say…

My heart is satiated when the world reflects back to my children the great worth I find in them... Eyes widening with delight at the sight of their favorite home-cooked meal. Little arms and legs finding warmth under thick blankets atop beds littered with their beloved stuffed animal friends. Intuitive teachers taking notice of something little that [...]

Love Her First

My daughter told me plainly that she loved me, but that she could not be in my family. “I don’t look like you.” The warmth of her hand tightly grasped mine in the cool of night. “You have peach skin. I have brown skin.” We crossed the busy city street. “You can’t be my mom.” [...]