Glory and Garden Days

A handful of years ago, I came across the Ignatian practice of holy indifference. The pursuit of holy indifference desires nothing more than for the will of God to emerge in any given situation. It is the laying down of my agenda, my fear, my desires, and all of my great ideas in order to [...]


Raising Black in White

Maybe you've seen me before? Maybe it was in the coffee shop helping my children decide between juice or chocolate milk, or maybe it was in the produce aisle asking them what they would like me to make for dinner? Could've been in the park swinging them until my arms ached, or pulling them by [...]

The one word every child needs to hear and say…

My heart is satiated when the world reflects back to my children the great worth I find in them... Eyes widening with delight at the sight of their favorite home-cooked meal. Little arms and legs finding warmth under thick blankets atop beds littered with their beloved stuffed animal friends. Intuitive teachers taking notice of something little that [...]

Love Her First

My daughter told me plainly that she loved me, but that she could not be in my family. “I don’t look like you.” The warmth of her hand tightly grasped mine in the cool of night. “You have peach skin. I have brown skin.” We crossed the busy city street. “You can’t be my mom.” [...]

Journey On

I breathed with that baby. I breathed with her right out of my womb. Months to days and days to hours and hours to minutes and minutes to seconds.  Life growing and giving in unison. Life’s rhythm took me by the hand.  It guided me through.  Branches.  Leaves.  Thorns. Sweat beaten brow.  Body aching, wrenching, [...]